The extraordinary therapeutic properties of blending apiculture
with the world of quartz

  • Who benefits from DGS1?

  • Those people who suffer from multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, eczema, cancer, asthma, liver diseases, fibromyalgia, menstrual cramps, menopause, rheumatic pains and other illnesses related to the immune system. For more information click on Disease Info .

  • Apiculture products have numerous therapeutic properties that have been known and used for thousands of years. In fact, beehive products were already used in ancient Egypt to produce ointments.
    For many years, a team of specialists has been working in the fields of apiculture and minerals with energizing properties. By collaborating with scientists of a reputed research institute, our team has created a natural product known as DGS1.

    Through regular and daily use, the natural product DGS1 revitalizes your immune system, gives you energy and contributes tremendously to improve the quality of your life.

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  • The source of this extraordinary energy comes from a natural site in the heart of a centuries-old pine forest. At this site, we have arranged nearly 40,000 pounds of quartz (rock crystal) with specific geometric orientation which allows them to capture energy frequencies. In this enclosed space containing quartz, 1,000 rose bushes and some wild flower plants, judiciously selected for their therapeutic properties, permit thousands of bees to produce energizing honey that is truly remarkable. By this apiculture process that is unique in the world, we produce honey which, once blended with certain essential oils, has exceptional effects for the well-being of humans.

  • DGS Honey, Pure Honey, the Essential Oils of Vervain, Pine, and Cedar
    Because of its exclusivity, DGS Honey is the indispensable ingredient in the formulation of this product.

    The composition of DGS honey and its essential oils has been certified non toxic by the National Cancer Institute, Frederic, MD, USA.
  • Testimonials
  • My  50-year-old  niece was placed in a nursing home with Multiple Sclerosis because  she  was  constantly  falling.  She was confined to a wheel chair.  She could  not  hold  her  head  up.  Her speech was slurred.  She ate with her face close  to  her  plate  so that she shovelled food into her mouth.  She could not stand alone.
    I  heard about your product DGS1.  I purchased the capsule form because she could not handle administering the liquid form.
    I  put  her  on  4  capsule  a day, 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. After  taking  2 bottles of the DGS1, she was able to hold her head in a natural position.   Her speech is no longer slurred. She is feeding herself normally and she  is  able to stand and walk short distances with assistance.  She is able to use toilet facilities with just the use of her wheel chair and sidebars, this is giving her some independence.
    She  is  now on her fourth bottle and continues to do well.  She even talks about some day leaving the nursing home and living independently again. 
    I  have  been  so  pleased  with  her  progress using DGS1 that I have been recommending it to anyone I believe can benefits from its use.
    A. M. D., Boca Raton (FL) USA
    December 9, 2000

    I have been suffering from multiple sclerosis for 13 years. I have been taking the natural product DGS1 since September 1996. It definitely helps me to bear the symptoms of my illness. I recommend DGS1 to everybody who suffers, like me, from multiple sclerosis.
    J.C., Trois-Rivieres (QC) Canada

    In June 1996, my father learnt that he had prostate cancer. In November, he started taking DGS1 honey; after only 8 days, his condition improved immensely. I myself take DGS1 honey and I regained all the energy that I had lost.
    R.B.,Pointe-du-Lac (QC) Canada

    The natural product DGS1 has benefited me a great deal. It had miraculous effects on my symptoms of fibromyalgia by reducing them by at least 85%. Thank You !
    M.P.,Trois-Rivieres (QC) Canada

    In September 1997, I learned that I had metastatic cancer in both lungs. Several months after I started taking DGS1 honey, I returned to consult my doctor who confirmed that my cancer had stopped spreading.
    R.B.,Stoneham (QC) Canada

    I have been afflicted by psoriasis for nearly 25 years. Thanks to DGS1 honey, after only one month of use, my skin condition improved by at least 90%. I can now lead a much more normal life. Thank you from bottom of my heart.
    M.P., Montreal (QC) Canada

    In February, my doctor informed me that I had a cancerous tumor of the colon and numerous metastases of the liver. After 3 months of using DGS1 honey, I have more and more energy, and I completed projects that I had abandoned. Today I know that this natural product works for me, for you and for humanity.
    J.M., Lavaltrie (QC) Canada

    My best wishes and regards to those researchers on the new herbal and natural medication for Multiple Sclerosis (MS).
    This letter is to certify that I (M.H.) was diagnosed to have MS in 1996. Due to lack of treatment for this disease and no hope for survival, my disease advanced rapidly and in the summer of 1999, I found myself almost handicaped, not being able to walk without a cane and suffering from great fatigue. I was not able to walk more than 50 meters. Along with this deteriorating situation, I realized that I was losing vision.
    In November 1999, I started taking DGS1 Honey recommended by one of the researchers involved in the development of this natural product. After a few days my headaches stopped and having almost finished the first bottle of DGS1, I have started walking without a cane and I am back to my regular activities and work at home.
    M.H. (46-year-old woman)

    In August of 2007, I had a major and difficult surgery due to discovery of fluid in the intestines that was reported to be malignant. The surgery led to discovery of tumors in the ovaries. The surgery was followed by chemotherapy which was equally difficult.

    During this time, I was incredibly fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Ghadirian by another Doctor. Dr. Ghadirian's advice and guidance became instrumental in my quick recovery. I began taking the DGS1 Honey during chemotherapy as recommended by Dr. Ghadirian. The honey not only gave me enough energy but it protected my immune system to a degree that I never even had a slight cold during the heavy flu season. I had been warned by the doctors and the hospital that while getting chemotherapy, the immune system is compromised and that I may battle the flu or even pneumonia and may end up in the hospital again. All around me friends and family battled the flu. It never affected me.

    I also followed Dr. Ghadirian's nutritional guidelines and began noticing a difference in body strength. Though the doctors initially had prescribed 6 months of chemotherapy, the chemotherapy ended after 4 and half months as my test results were trending positively and very close to normal range. After chemotherapy I began taking the pills Canorex and Cancerol, again under Dr. Ghadirian's guidance. I continued with the two pills for a little over two months and went in for the important blood test and CT scan. The blood results were in normal range, the CT scan showed no sign of cancer in the body. The tumors were all gone and the doctors were thrilled.

    I firmly believe that my recovery and healing had much to do with the powerful honey, Canerol and Canorex. Incorporating them into my treatment accelerated my recovery time and actively contributed to the disappearance of the disease. I still take the DGS1 honey periodically to maintain energy levels. I am a firm believer in Dr. Ghadirian and his guidance.

    I am healthy and feel great. I am active and am grateful to all the powers that helped me heal. I am so thankful to Dr. Ghadirian's advanced research, incredible knowledge and potent, natural products that were crucial in getting my health back.

    I feel blessed.

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