The following resources are offering relible and in-depth information on a full range of health issues and problems:

An outstanding site for authoritative, consumer-friendly info on any disease or health topic. Great selfcare sections provide advice on managing and coping with illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease through a combination of drugs, diet, exercise and social support. 



This National Cancer Institute site covers all types of cancer. You'll find detailed information on screening and symptoms, prevention, genetic and other risk factors, treatment options, and a prognosis for each type of cancer. You can also learn about the results of clinical trials and new treatments.



A tool to estimate your risk of developing different cancers and provides personalized tips for prevention. It doesn't tell you if you'll get cancer or not. However, it can give you the likelihood of developing one. Anyone can use CancerRiskInfo, but it's most accurate for people who have never had any type of cancer.
Take a few minutes to answer some questions. Find out how to lower your risk and where to focus your prevention efforts.
Because the best way to fight cancer is being informed in order to keep it from starting.



This intelligent resource offers relible, in-depth information on a full range of health issues and problems. Commentaries and Q&A's by experts on topics ranging from headaches and fibromyalgia to thyroid disorders and alternative medicine are very useful. 



Covers all aspects of kid's health, from infections and sexual health to growth, development, behaviour, nutrition and fitness.

The innovative Vancouver site features animations and videos on asthma, breast self-examination, fitness, heart disease, stroke, and other health topics. 


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