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Dr. P. Ghadirian, Ph.D.
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What is Cancer?

Cancer is the abnormal growth, reproduction and spread of body cells. The human body contains trillions of cells grouped to make tissues such as muscles, bones and skin.
Most normal cells grow, reproduce and die in response to signals inside and outside the body.  If these processes occur in a balanced and orderly way, the body remains healthy and functions normally.  Problems can begin when normal cells mutate, or change, into cancer cells.
A normal cell can become a cancer cell for no apparent reason or because of repeated or heavy exposure to a carcinogenic, or cancer-causing, substance such as tobacco or alcohol.
In general, cancer is a disease that has been known about since ancient times.  The word is derived from the Latin for CRAB and appears to have been first described in 500BC.


Today, we know that a number of chronic diseases are caused by an unbalanced diet, nutrition and related factors. For example, 35% of cancer incidence and mortality are due to inadequate or improper dietary habits.

Several nutritional factors play important roles in preventing not only cancer but also cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc.   In the last two decades, the effective protective influence of antioxidants, such as vitamin E, carotenoids, selenium, etc., has been detected in many large epidemiological studies as well as in laboratory and animal investigations.  The discovery of lycopene, bioflavonoids and other non-nutriment elements of food in chronic disease prevention has opened innumerable doors to stopping the progress of diseases and delaying their manifestations.  In other words, if we eat right, we live longer and healthier with a better quality of life.  If for any reason we are not able to eat properly or select the best quality foods, and therefore we are more at risk to develop diseases, we may compensate with a certain combination of miracle nutrients, herbs and food components, such as bioflavonoids, lycopens, antioxidant vitamins, etc. to delay or prevent the occurrence of many chronic maladies.

Development of a chronic disease such as cancer, apart from its physical and mental effect on the individual, may diminish the quality of life of the patient and his or her family members.  Therefore, preventing this event or delaying its manifestation may help the continuation of a normal life.  Usually, the occurrence of a chronic disease places a heavy economic burden on subjects, their family, the community and the government, causing a chain of difficulties and problems.

I believe that combination of some vital known nutrients, extracts of certain medicinal plants and herbs with no harmful or side-effects, but obvious benefits may serve an important preventive function against many chronic diseases.

Based on my own three decades of experience in the epidemiology of nutrition and chronic diseases such as cancer, and according to existing scientific documents, most maladies are preventable by avoiding known risk factors and considering the protective elements of life particularly our diet and nutrition.

Parviz Ghadirian, Ph.D.
Director, Epidemiology Research Unit, Research Centre – CHUM
Professor, Department of Nutrition, University of Montreal

Canorex and Cancerol (Effective Drugs for Immune System)


Anna MK, 54-year-oil woman
"When I was nine years old, the bone at the tip of my spine was broken and for years a rubber donut was needed to enable me to sit on a hard chair without extreme pain.

In my early twenties my doctor removed my right ovary and a few tumors, at that time I was told that within three years would be trouble with the other ovary.  By the time I was twenty-six my doctor found a cyst growing behind my uterus.  By the time I was forty my vagina was full of soft growths.

In 1995 I had an ultra sound which showed my uterus full of small tumors.  For years it had become more and more painful to sit for any length of time, even on the rubber donut..  By 1995 I could only sit a few minutes at a time, had to spend most of my time lying on my side.  A large protrusion was visible on the tip of my spine.

In august 1997 Parviz Ghadirian visited with me and discussed the healing qualities of specific herbal tea called immune power formula (canorex)  I immediately started making it and taking a cup a day.

By December I noticed it was getting easier to sit, by April 1998 the swelling was down and I could sit without pain for the first time since I can remember.  The swelling in my lower stomach has also gone down, plus I can now insert a finger and check the growths in my vagina without bleeding."

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