We present here Allergone 100% natural, a composition of the most valuable and world wide known medical plants, used traditionally for the prevention and treatment of different types of allergies. This combination will stop and ease allergy and its conditions. This powerful combination will modify the immune system and bring its activity to a normal level.


Here is an easy-to-read reference guide to the herbs recommended by experts to help keep you symptom-free of many common ailments.


     Some people have been using my name in their communications, web sites, and news letters and have been selling so-called "natural products" indicating my line of products.  This is illegal for they have no connection or collaboration with me and my line of activities.  One of the companies claiming to be my representative and consequently selling products under my name is Health Breakthroughs International.  I have no knowledge regarding these products or their qualities.

Parviz Ghadirian, Ph.D.

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